The house had remained empty for many years, and the front façade had clearly suffered from neglect during this time.

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decayed brick, prior to repair decayed brickwork, before restoration

Before proceeding a small area was identified to be cleaned and raked out to provide three sample panels of varying hues of colour washing and tuckpointing. These panels were then inspected by English Heritage, the architect and the client.

The brickwork was sensitively cleaned, the joints raked out using hand tools, and washed down.

A colour wash was then applied. 'Stopping' [a lime mortar and earth bound pigment] was next applied to the joints, which were then grooved and tuckpointed.

the restored brickwork tuckpointed

the restored brickwork tuckpointed

 the restored brickwork tuckpointed


facade finished

restored facade

finished facade

facade restored